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DxO ViewPoint 4 FastDL torrent

DxO ViewPoint 4

DxO ViewPoint 4 Clean torrent

Control every aspect of your image geometry. DkO ViewPoint automatically corrects distorted perspectives and restores objects at the edges of the frame to their natural shape with just one click.

Correcting distorted perspective

Use manual anchor points or the software’s automatic feature to correct distorted perspectives in wide-angle shots, from the simplest to the most complex.

Restore the proportions

For natural shapes, it automatically corrects the volume distortion of faces, bodies and objects at the edges of images taken with a wide-angle lens.

Neutralize the distortion

With DkO’s Optics Module database, the only one of its kind in the world, DkO ViewPoint can correct all kinds of distortions, including barrel, pillow and even fisheye.

Straightening the horizon

Balance landscape images by automatically correcting a tilted horizon line.

Correcting distorted perspective

Are you an urban explorer? Do you enjoy photographing buildings and monuments, but are frustrated by distorted vertical and horizontal lines in your images when using a wide-angle lens? With DkO ViewPoint, you can manually or automatically correct distorted perspectives and automatically crop the image while maximizing the field of view.

Correct volumetric deformation

At the edges of images taken with a wide-angle lens, bodies are stretched and faces are elongated due to the phenomenon of volume deformation. With just one click, DkO ViewPoint identifies the deformation and restores the natural shape of the object. This exclusive DkO feature, especially useful for group and portrait shots, perfectly copes with this kind of distortion. You can also make changes manually with advanced controls: adjust the intensity of the adjustment and select the visible area of ​​your image to create perfectly composed photos.

No curve is too complicated

DkO ViewPoint uses an advanced tool to correct various types of distortioncreated by your lenses. Whether it’s barrel, pillow or fisheye distortion, no unwanted curve in your image will be left uncorrected, then you can easily use the perspective tools.

Recognized experience

Designed in our laboratories using an exclusive calibration process, DkO optical modules contain a wealth of data on the exact characteristics of each lens and camera body, giving you corrections that are perfectly matched to your equipment.

Add an artistic blur

DkO’s advanced processing engine allows you to reproduce progressive blur quality and even reproduce bokeh shapes. Simulate the effects created by reducing the depth of field in an image that would otherwise require the use of an expensive tilt-shift lens. Images retain their relief, especially when it comes to highlights.

Straightening the horizon

Balance your landscape photos by automatically leveling the sloping horizon line.

Automatic cropping

Keep your images in full frame regardless of the settings you use. Whether you’re adjusting the perspective, correcting the horizon or changing the viewing angle, the auto crop feature will optimize the field of view. You can also manually adjust the way you crop the image.

Elegant and intuitive interface

The DkO ViewPoint interface features a minimalist design, intuitive comparison tools, clearly displayed perspective and horizontal adjustment lines, and easy-to-identify settings that let you switch between tools in an instant. Alatfor Magnifier gives you incredibly precise control over the horizon and perspective, so you can fine-tune the settings you apply to your photos.


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